Lowell Shallot Endorses

voteThe election is upon us tomorrow and everyone has been asking, “Who do you endorse for City Council?”  Here are my top 5 picks…

1. Alan Kazanjian: There is no end to the craziness surrounding this guy.  I heard that Lynne promised to move if he’s elected again.

2. Rita Mercier: Bat crazy.

3. Bud Caufield: What other mayor gets hammered and sings?

4. Jim Millinazo: He’s a GOB in sheep’s clothing.  Poor little Jimmy is just not part of the ‘in’ crowd right now.  I’m looking forward to people’s reaction when he turns to the dark side.

5. Dayne Lamb (write-in): She’ll use her superior intellect to tear each of these douchebags a new asshole and fix EVERYTHING in Lowell.


2 comments on “Lowell Shallot Endorses

  1. lone ranger says:

    Dayne Lamb? Understand her advice is available to all and all and on and on. Dayne, thanks for moving to Lowell so you can all tell us how incredibly brilliant you are and dumb we are. I agree with the Shallot, run as a write in, we need more of your affect and advice.

  2. The Original Lowell Guy says:

    Hey. Leave Dayne alone! She wrote mystery books about a female CPA who solves crimes using Generally Accepted Accounting Practices and gumption. And then she goes on to ZZZZZzzzzzzz . . . .

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