Winners and Losers

holy-crapIn all honesty, I thought Kazanjian would be re-elected.  Kudos to the citizens of Lowell for kicking him out along with Regina Fatcianti.  Even if the new councilors do absolutely nothing in the next two years, the council is improved simply by subtraction.  In the wake of the election, there are some clear cut winners and losers…

Bernie Lynch: Winner.  If Kazanjian, Lenzi, Mercier, Mercier, and Caufield stayed in power there was no way his contract would have been extended.

John Cox: Loser.  His influence is fading fast.

TJ McCarthy: Loser.  Was going to be the next city manager.

Chris Scott: Winner.  A stronger mandate with enemy #1 out.

Bill Taupier, Nick Sarris, George Berhakis: Losers.  Fatcianti, Kazanjian, A. Mercier, Lenzi means less of a chance that these dirt bags getting a reprieve from the school committee leaving the Bon Marche.

One Lowell, Move Forward Lowell: Winners.  Accomplished it’s core goal in changing the balance of power. 

Kendall Wallace & Lowell Sun: Losers.  Little influence over the election.  Bad predictions.  Irrelevant.

Lowell Shallot, Mr. Mill City, Left in Lowell: Winners.  People actually read these things and having other sources of news and opinion is valuable in a one (douchey) paper town.

Rita Mercier: Loser.  She’s made her dislike for Lynch obvious.  Now she’s in the minority with Bud.

Hairy Balls and rest of the state delegation: Losers.  Endorsing Kazanjian in the 11th hour?!  Dumb.

Good Olde Boys (GOBs): Losers.  Blowellians are part of the solution, not the problem.  The more that the old gaurd is pushed aside the better.

Citizens of Lowell: Winners*.  A step in the right direction and hope to change the petty insider politics of Lowell.  *Beware of Lynch and a vacuum of power from the city council.  Remember, Lynch is a politician looking out for his best interest.  He has his own cronies, favorites, and ambitions beyond Lowell.


15 comments on “Winners and Losers

  1. Prince Charming says:

    History was made last night with the first-ever MILF elected to City Council, Franky D.

  2. Prince Charming says:

    …and, of course, it’s going to take two people to fill Regina’s seat.

  3. Ned says:

    Wow, Prince Charming is on a fire.

  4. fireball615 says:

    Lowell Shallot: Winner. I heard “the shallot” may have gotten a couple of write in votes for council.

  5. Abe says:

    Live and let live!

  6. Mill Girl says:

    Prince Charming needs a new name. His comments are neither princely or charming.

  7. The Messenger says:

    The Prince is just callin’ em like he sees em Mill Girl…

  8. Observant One says:

    Great observation Mill Girl. And very funny by the way! lol
    I also find the comments of Prince Charming cleverly entertaining and it’s nice to be able to laugh once in a while while reading the blogs.
    So both of you – keep them coming.

  9. Prince Charming says:

    It’s either/or and neither/nor.

  10. poor dirt farmer says:

    Where are you Shallot?

    The silence is deafening. I guess all of the graft, corruption,waste, patronage and greed have ended with the election results.

    We have been saved.Thank god.

  11. admirer says:

    Franky D. may be the first MILF, but nobody will ever surpass Kay Stocklosa circa 1977 as the biggest cougar in the history of Haverhill politics.

  12. me says:

    Are you sick? Why so quiet?

  13. poor dirt farmer says:

    The absence of new posts and discussion by Shallot, following the election results, does raise a bit of suspicion.

    Total silence about the Arena giveaway. Total silence about the foiled patronage plot to award the garage security contract. Total silence about Al’s friends in the surrounding towns being spoken to. Total silence about the fall out over our delegations infinite wisdom and judge of moral character or lack thereof.

  14. The Original Lowell Guy says:

    Yeah, but Kazanjian resigned. What a little bitch in a dress!

  15. tranzfonik says:

    I just wanted to comment on the lack of parking in downtown. As a business owner in the downtown area I find it quite annoying the lack of parking. What a joke! one way streets galore and parallel parking to boot? What is the planning board doing? Maybe they should take a look at what Wakefield has done to there parking nightmare and turn parallel parking into angled pull in parking? All they would have to do on most of these streets is move the lanes over to one side and add in the appropriate lines for pull in and call it a day. They are one way streets anyway! How am I supposed to keep my business in downtown when EVERYONE complains there is no place to park? And sorry, who in there right mind wants to come to this area and park in a garage no where near businesses to walk in the oh so frequent great weather we have? Why do bars and restaurants get the benefits of better parking at night down here do to the lack of parking enforcement? Ever notice at how many cars park in loading zones and handicap spaces in front of bars at night with no consequences of there actions? I do cause I also live down here across from a bar. It just doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe thats just how they intended it. Half the bar owners are either former cops or are somehow connected with cops! And they get to reap the rewards of no enforcement while the day time businesses get shit on every corner! “Lowell” the flowering city of lowellifes!!!

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